Thursday, August 18, 2011

Recommendations for building your PLN...where would you start?

I have had requests lately from educators looking to build their e-learning PLN and asking for recommendations on where to start. Rather than respond individually I have shared as a post.
This may be a bit of a brave new world for some so I have gone for less is more and what I hope provides a range of options (especially for those who may be starting out) to connect quickly through existing professional learning networks and communities.

Please comment if you have other recommendations that may be curriculum or subject specific.
  1. Twitter: there is a very strong group of New Zealand and international educators using Twitter. #edchatNZ - NZ Educators and OZ Educators on Twitter
    Useful tips for getting started on Twitter:
    Twitteraholics guide to tweets, hashtags and all things twitter
    The Ultimate Twitter Guidebook
    Using Twitter to build your PLN
  2. The Ultimate Guide to using Twitter in Education
  3.  Tweeting for Teachers: A new report published jointly by Pearson and NoTosh recommends that teachers should use Twitter, Facebook and other social media tools to improve their classroom skills.
  4. EduCampNZ Wiki: a series of e-learning un-conferences that provide a valuable opportunity to connect with like minded educators interested in e-learning and education. Explore the wiki to connect with other participating educators at each of the EduCampNZ events. 

  5. ICTinEnglish: a place to share ideas, request help and resources and establish professional relationships. Subscribers to the list will also receive monthly English Onlines updates including access to the ICTinEnglish team blog.

  6. Teacher Blogs: Interface Magazine has an online directory of blogs written by teachers and other professionals in New Zealand’s education space.  Use blog comments to connect with others who share your interests

  7. Online Groups and Communities:

Sunday, August 7, 2011

"Fantastic turnout for #EduCampAKL" via @lenva

Teacher Dashboard
Posting to organise and record some of the excellent contributions from EduCampAKL yesterday. Ka nui te mihi to everyone who participated and contributed, you continue to inspire me.

Also thanks to our hosts @ClaireAmosNZ and the IT team from Epsom Girls Grammar who worked wonders with the network when around 80 of us (with multiple devices) descended for the Smackdown at 10am.

For those of you who like to take time and explore, the EduCampAKL wiki includes a multitude of links and resources shared on the day. I have also summarised and book marked contributions in My Delicious below.